Carrier oils and carrier oil blends are here too

Aroma Sense carrier oils are the most commonly used skincare essences in modern cosmetics, which can be used on their own or added to creams and massage creams.

Essential oil blends to pamper the spirit

Solanie Aroma Sense essential oil blends are special compositions that can be used to refresh or relax yourself and your guests, depending on the occasion.

Aroma Sense Repair cream and Booster gel for safe and effective use of oil blends

All mono oils and essential oil blends can only be safely used directly on the skin in combination with base creams.

Aroma Sense essential oils to refresh your mind, spirit and body

The mono oils in the new line are unique aromatic compounds, made by steam and/or water distillation or cold-pressing to preserve 100% of their natural components. We have taken great care in their selection, so you will only find oils that have a proven track record in beauty care. You can use them to improve skin problem and boost your immune system, or mix them up if you like to try new things.

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Beauty Bed with Rolling ChairBeauty Bed with Rolling ChairIf you are looking for reasonable price and trustworthy quality, when you are planning to buy a new beauty bed, than stop searching. Alveola's AE402201 beauty bed with rolling chair allow you to start working beside low investment value. €379 Add to cartQuick viewSmart portable high-frequency InstrumentSmart portable high-frequency InstrumentDisinfects the skin after cleansing and treats the acnes on the skin. €67 Add to cartQuick viewNewRefectoCil BeautyLash Brow Tinting Pen Black BrownRefectoCil BeautyLash Brow Tinting Pen Black BrownBe a part of the eyebrow tinting revolution with RefectoCil's latest Beauty Lash kit. The package includes tinting and activating pens that allow for a simple 2-step application process, which can be completed in just 7 minutes, achieving results that can last for 4-6 weeks. Expect intense color effects and particularly striking results. €26.99 Add to cartQuick viewSolanie Skin Nectar No. 7 Hyaluronic Acid serum 15mlSolanie Skin Nectar No. 7 Hyaluronic Acid serum 15mlWith our hyaluronic acid serum you can restore the lost moisture of your skin, provide immediate and long-lasting hydration regardless of the time of day and age. €18.99 Add to cartQuick viewLong Lashes WonderBrow Henna Brow Tint -Coffee Brown 4gLong Lashes WonderBrow Henna Brow Tint -Coffee Brown 4gLong Lashes WonderBrow Henna Brow Tint in Coffee Brown shade. €11.49 Add to cartQuick viewSolanie Black soap 125 mlSolanie Black soap 125 mlSolanie Black Soap is the savior of the oily, acne prone skin. Recommended to use for cleansing oily, problematic, seborrheic, itchy prone skin, before treatment or everyday skincare. After just one cleansing, effectively reduces oily shine of the skin, and the skin irritation. €10.99 Add to cartQuick view

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