Company profile

Alveola Ltd. started its operation almost 30 years ago with the aim of helping the daily work of cosmetic professionals with quality products unique in their category. Our products are sold in many countries now. Our new 5.000 m2 production plant and warehouse opened in 2020, and it greatly helps the development of exports.

Our professional cosmetics brand Solanie is available on 4 continents in nearly 30 countries. Our product development combines tradition and the results of the latest research. We place great emphasis on education and beautician network building through distributor partners. Our Alveola Waxing products are well known in European countries and represent reliable quality. JimJams eyelash and eyebrow tints are very popular in EU countries and Russia. The LongLashes brand provides all kinds of help for eyelash designers, not matter if they are beginners or advanced professionals. We keep up with current trends with our constantly renewed product range.

In addition to the professional division, we also manufacture high-quality, market-leading products for the retail market. X-Epil products have already won the Superbrands award six times in the field of home hair removal and intimate hygiene. Our product range also includes X-Epil pregnancy tests and Jimjams Beauty cosmetics for home care. The Original Aloe Vera brand has also expanded further in recent years and in addition to health-preserving drinks, we now also offer sports cosmetics to customers.

If you are interested in exporting our products, please contact us at the email address: and our colleagues will contact you.