Solanie beauty vitamins – for healthy hair, skin and nail

    We are happy to announce the arrival of 2 new Solanie beauty vitamins: Collagen & Hyaluron and Beauty BB complex. Have you ever thought of doing something extra from inside for the beauty of your skin and health? Solanie beauty vitamins ensure the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements for the health and beauty of hair, skin and nails.

    Solanie beauty vitamins – for healthy hair, skin and nail

    Solanie beauty vitamins – Beautiful skin, hair and nail

    Are you familiar with the following troubles: early skin aging, skin problems (i.e. dry skin, acne), broken nails, dry and dull hair? When we created the Solanie vitamins our goal was to take care of the body from within and maintain the health level for long run. Vitamins are such an organic substances, that cannot be produced by the body itself in the necessary amount and quality. Their replenishment is important, as if any of them is missing or its level is lower, than expected, then physiological processes can be damaged.

    It is said that „beauty comes from within” – and how true it is. Shiny hair, well-groomed nails and beautiful skin are associated with natural beauty, and Solanie beauty vitamins are here to help you achieve.

    Solanie Beauty BB Complex contains biotin, zinc, vitamins and vegetable oils that help maintain the normal condition of hair, skin and nail. Nowadays the skin is extremely exposed to environmental effects such as UV rays, smog, smoking, indoor heating and cooling and all of these are dangerous to our skin and health. Solanie Beauty BB Complex provides an effective protection against harmful effects and oxidative stress. It helps reduce tiredness and exhaustion, supports the normal functioning of the nervous system.

    Solanie COLLAGEN & HYALURON dietary supplement with vitamin C, organic zinc, biotin, vitamin B2 and B3. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are the natural components of skin tissue that are essential for maintaining youthful, firm and hydrated skin. COLLAGEN & HYALURON beauty vitamin contains Peptan® bovine collagen peptide type 1, manufactured by the world's leading collagen manufacturer, Rousselot of France. Vitamin C helps the absorption of collagen, contributes to its production, maintains the normal condition of the skin and gums.

    Solanie beauty vitamins for your skin and health!